Naturally we get asked all sorts of questions during client meetings, usually “Oooh, those are cool how much are they!?”.

We’ve included some of those questions here, but if you have any questions for the team please do get in touch.


How often do you come in to sit with us?

That's an easy one.

We'll sit with you as often as you want us to and for as long as you want us to. Consultancy and strategy meetings should never be at fixed intervals, for example if you have a quarterly meeting scheduled in - you'll probably only get decent consultancy during that meeting but what about the months either side of that?

We are always available - simple as that.


What's the best idea you guys have ever had?

Impossible to say! When you're as awesome as us, great ideas are part of every day.

Some of course never see the light of day but invite us in for a chat and a coffee and we'll show you the ideas and product selections that gave us our reputation.


Do you advise on branding options?

Absolutely. Once the products are chosen getting the branding right is vital.

Should you engrave. embroider or screen print? We will send you free samples of all of the available branding options so you can make informed choices.


Do you charge for your consultancy?

Nope. We only charge for products.

So if you've bought promotional merchandise before you'll know all about how it works with volumes, print charges, delivery etc. We don't charge a penny for ideas, artwork creation or reports.


Do you provide free samples?

In most cases, yes. It depends a little on the product in question of course but most of the time we can provide free samples for you, and we won't expect them back - they are yours to keep.


Can you store our products for us?

Yes. We have a 200m² storage facility near our South Bucks office. We have strong relationships with over 15 global carriers enabling us to offer best available freight and clearance fees. From single piece orders to 30 foot containers, we handle it all. 

Fancy a look around? We are more than happy to arrange a guided tour of our warehouse facility so you can see the operation for yourself.


Do you build e-commerce website for our branded products?

Indeed we do.

We offer bespoke web stores tailored to your requirements. Designed, built and hosted by ESM, your web store will only be accessible to team members that have been granted access. Considerable savings are generated through efficient order processing and order consolidation.

Transactions can be placed in multiple currencies and payment methods include credit card, purchasing card and Paypal. We can also present your website in a variety of languages to ensure the site can be used hassle free.

Ease of use is imperative. Visitors will be able to use your ESM web store across a huge range of devices including smartphones and tablets.


Can you provide packaging for our products?


A beautiful piece of branded packaging can make all the difference to your merchandise and done the right way can produce a piece of outstanding branding.

We also consider how your branding product is presented when it arrives in the hands of the recipient. That includes thinking about wrapping, custom made boxes, branded postal boxes and much more.

Promotional merchandise is about more than just the product. Presentation and first impression must be considered.

Get in touch and we'll show you some samples of the custom packaging we've produced for our clients.